UACalc, A Universal Algebra Calculator

Setup Instructions for Coders

Eclipse Users

General Setup

This program should work under Windows, Linux, and Macs with OS X. I use Linux so the instructions below are command line oriented. They should work fine under OS X. For Windows you can use the command window but there may be better options (please let me know).
  1. Get the latest Java. Get the JDK.
  2. Get cvs and ant for your OS. Use google to find out how to get and install these. (cvs and ant are included with linux but you may need an updated version of ant.)
  3. Make a directory: for example UACalc, and change into it.
  4. Get the UACalc source code from sourceforge using anonymous cvs. Do
    cvs login
    Just hit return for the password and ignore the funny error messages you get. Then do
    cvs -z3 co -P uacalcsrc


  • Change into the uacalcsrc directory and issue the command ant or ant dist.


  • f you did ant dist, you can run the program by changing to the main UACalc directory (created in Step 3 above) and do java -jar dist/lib/uacalc.jar. You can also run any class that has a main method from the classes directory.


  • Change into the uacalcsrc directory and issue the command cvs update.


Rest coming soon.